Unwanted Wrinkles

Unwanted Wrinkles

We offer a variety of injections, one of which is an FDA-approved purified neurotoxin prescription injection that is primarily used to treat moderate to severe frown lines. To effectively minimize the appearance of frown lines between your eyebrows, this purified Botulinum Toxin properties weaken the muscles in your glabellar area. This injection is incredibly effective which is why it is frequently used to enhance other parts of the face.

How long does it last?

This injection lasts anywhere from three to four months and usually takes up to seven days to take effect. The lifespan and effectiveness primarily depends on your physiological makeup, which is why we recommend consulting your doctor at Anchorage Dermatology & Cosmetics before beginning treatment. Some common side effects include headache, swelling, injection site pain, or nausea.

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